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I am currently with the Department of Intelligence Science and Technology, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University. In general, my research interests are visual perception & cognition, computer vision and intelligent algorithms

I received my Ph.D. from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in 2006. During the three-year program, I explored computational geometry algorithms on a variety of vision problems. Afterward, I moved to National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology at Tsukuba, and worked on robotics vision. From 2008, I simultaneously worked at University College London & Queen Mary University of London for the research of visual perception on motion. In 2010, I joined Kyoto University.

Here is my CV.


        1. I serve as an expert advisor for the Chinese AI Research Association (Japan). [Link]

        2. Our paper "Robust coupled dictionary learning with ℓ1-norm coefficients transition constraint for noisy image super-resolution" has been accepted by Signal Processing (ELSEVIER), IF(2.143). [Link]

        3. A talk at AcademicDay Kyoto University, "Your Emotion Might be Inferred from Your Photos".

        4. The details of our work "Visual Attention Inspired Distant View and Close-Up View Classification" are here --> [Link]


        1. "Studying Visual Attention in Image and Video", @ The 9th International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications (Aug. 2016). [Link]

        2. "Modeling visual attention in image and video", @ Kyoto-Bordeaux mini-symposium, Japan (Feb. 2016).

        3. "How does Robot Understand the Visual Motion?", @ AcademicDay, Japan (Oct. 2015)

        4. "Motion Segmentation in Complex Video", @ Tianjin University, China (Aug. 2015).

        5. "Dynamic saliency detection", @ Xi'dian University, China (Jul. 2014).

        6. "Salient Motion Detection from Complex Video using Potential Surface", @ Seoul National University, Korea (Sept.2013).

        7. "Salient Information, from Static to Dynamic", @ National TsingHua University, Taiwan (Mar. 2013).



        1. Recognition Award: X.F. Liang, at the 9th Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robotics and Applications, Tokyo, Japan, August, 2016.

        2. Outstanding Paper Award: C.C. Zhang, X.F. Liang, T. Matsuyama, "Mixed-Motion Segmentation using Helmholtz Decomposition" at the 16th Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding, Tokyo, Japan, August, 2013.

        3. Outstanding Research Award: C.C. Zhang, X.F. Liang, T. Matsuyama, "What are you looking for on faces?" at Kyoto University ICT innovation 2013.

Academic Events Organization

  1. International Conference on Video and Image Processing. December 27-29, 2017, at Nanyang Technological University.

  2. Kyoto University & Queen Mary University of London Joint Workshop, Intelligent Sensing on Media Data. March 26~27, 2015, at Kyoto University.

  3. Kyoto University & University College London Workshop on Perception of Motion and Pattern. March 12, 2013, at Kyoto University.

  4. Kyoto University & Queen Mary University of London Symposium on Intelligent Sensing. March 18~20, 2013, at Kyoto University.

Research Funding

        1. JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Science Research C, PI            2015 ~ 2017

        2. JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists B,     PI            2013 ~ 2015

        3. International Exchanges Scheme (Royal Society, UK), Joint, PI: Prof. Peter McOwan, Queen Mary University of London, 2012 ~ 2013